Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sephora Nail Patch Art


Sephora is an irresistible emporium, brimming with beauty products that I really shouldn't buy. But as I live so dangerously close to one of their stores, I find myself casually sauntering in just to "take a quick look". Of course, I never leave empty-handed. My latest buy: Polka Dot Nail Patch Art. There was a lot of variety, making it near-impossible to choose between all the candy colours, stripes and prints. I did have my doubts about how easy application would be, but surprisingly, they were 1-2-3 S-I-M-P-L-E! The nail patches are basically super thin stickers: you peel them back, place on your nail and the excess patch tears away. Unlike other nail patches I've used, these don't require any heat (via hairdryer), which makes application much easier.  Other perks include, no drying time and they really are long lasting- approx 2 weeks if you use a top coat. ONLY drawback is 9 euros seem a little expensive for one set of 10 nail patches. Not a price I'd be willing to pay on a regular basis, for every once in a while, it proves a fun investment!


  1. super cool look, definitely a fun once in awhile investment! thanks for the review - i'm gonna go check out all their prints! xo

  2. they seem easier than the sally hansen ones, probably better patterns too, i like these dots!

  3. Do these stickers chip like nail polish?
    If so, do they chip about the same amount?