Monday, 21 May 2012

My Beauty Essentials

Photobucket I'm pretty frugal (and rather dull) when it comes to my everyday beauty routine. I prefer to spend my extra cash on clothes (and dinners out) - so my daily products are simple, reasonable and super effective. The best attribute of my four essentials is that they are so easy to apply - in that a little bit of product goes a long way, meaning that they last for a very long time. Even the OPI nail polish takes one coat (which is pretty incredible, as we all know how tricky the colour white can be for nails) - and I've only bought three bottles in the last year. To me, spending 16 pounds on a bottle of nail paint seems rather extortionate - but it is totally justifiable considering how long-lasting it is.  And as for Sephora- they are by far, my favourite beauty products - purely because they are high-quality but low-priced.  I've been using their foundations and mascaras since I was about 16- and while old habits certainly die hard- I'll probably always stay loyal to the monarchy that is Sephora Cosmetics (and not just because they got me through that tumultuous time we all know as puberty!) 

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